Not only is life an illusion but in life we often believe things that are not true. Things that don’t fit the reality of who we are or what is really happening around us. I would like to say that a big part of my growth is trying to see things clearly or have a clear understanding.

We all seek connection. Connection is important. It is best that we find appropriate connection. Connection with those who can help. Rarely can I ferret out an illusion I am deep in the middle of without the help of my objective friends.

Many times we believe things that are not true and it hinders us. I would like to try and identify some of those things we have come to believe as false or incorrect and call them illusions here in this post.

If you have any illusions you have identified objectively, post them here in the comments and be prepared tells us how you know. You don’t have to be right, just brave. After we all kick it around, your illusion will be hoisted up into the post and immortalized forever. Sound good?